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第55题:One day I ________ a newspaper article about the retirement of an English professor at a nearby state college.A) came across

B) came about

C) came after

D) came at

【我提交的答案】: C【参考答案与解析】:






And lastly, do you do anything else to ______ healthy?






New technology links the world as never before. Our planet has shrunk. It’s now a “global
New technology links the world as never before. Our planet has shrunk. It’s now a “global village” where countries are only seconds away by fax or phone or satellite link. And, of course, our ability to benefit from this high-tech communications equipment is greatly enhanced by foreign language skills.

Deeply involved with this new technology is a breed of modern business people who have a growing respect for the economic value of doing business abroaIn modern markets, success overseas often helps support domestic business efforts.

Overseas assignments are becoming increasingly important to advancement within executive ranks. The executive stationed in another country no longer need fear being “out of sight and out of mind.” He or she canbe sure that the overseas effort is central to the company’s plan for success, and that promotions often follow or accompany an assignment abroaIf an employee can succeed in a difficult assignment overseas, superiors will have greater confidence in his or her ability to cope back in the United States where cross-cultural considerations and foreign language issues are becoming more and more prevalent (普遍的).

Thanks to a variety of relatively inexpensive communications devices with business applications, even small businesses in the United States are able to get into international markets.

English is still the international language of business. But there is an ever-growing need for people who can speak another language. A second language isn’t generally required to get a job in business, but having language skills gives a candidate the edge when other qualifications appear to be equal.

The employee posted abroad who speaks the country’s principal language has an opportunity to fast-forwardcertain negotiations, and cam have the cultural insight to know when it is better to move more slowly. Theemployee at the home office who can communicate well with foreign clients over the telephone or by fax machine is an obvious asset to the firm.

Choose correct answers to the question:

What is the author’s attitude toward high-tech communications equipment?





With the increased use of high-tech communications equipment, businesspeople ________.A.have to get familiar with modern technology

B.are gaining more economic benefits from domestic operations

C.are attaching more importance to their overseas business

D.are eager to work overseas

In this passage,“out of sight and out of mind” (Lines 2-3, Para 3) probably means ________.A.being unable to think properly for lack of insight

B.being totally out of touch with business at home

C.missing opportunities for promotion when abroad

D.leaving all care and worry behind

According to the passage, what is an important consideration of international corporationsin employingpeople today?A.Connections with businesses overseas.

B.Ability to speak the client’s language.

C.Technical know-how.

D.Business experience.

The advantage of employees having foreign language skills is that they can ________.A.better control the whole negotiation process

B.easily find new approaches to meet market needs

C.fast-forward their proposals to headquarters

D.easily make friends with businesspeople abroad




A.They stay quiet.B.They read a book.C.They talk about the weather.D.They chat with fel

A.They stay quiet.

B.They read a book.

C.They talk about the weather.

D.They chat with fellow passengers.



For centuries, in the countries of south and Southeast Asia the elephant has been an intim
For centuries, in the countries of south and Southeast Asia the elephant has been an intimate part of the culture, economy and religion, and nowhere more so than in Thailand. Unlike its African cousin, the Asian elephant is easily domesticated (驯化). The rare so-called white elephants have actually lent the authority of kingship to its rulers and until the 1920s the national flag was a white elephant on a red background.To the early Western visitors the country’s romantic name was “Land of the White Elephant”.

Today, however, the story is very different. Out of work and out of land, the Thai elephant struggles for survival in a nation that no longer needs it. The elephant has found itself more or less abandoned by previous owners who have moved on to a different economic world and a westernized society. And while the elephant’s problems began many years ago, now it rates a very low national priority.

How this reversal from national icon (圣像) to neglected animal came about is a tale of worsening environmental and the changing lives of the Thais themselves. According to Richard Lair, Thailand’s experts on the Asian elephant and author of the report Gone Astray, at the turn of the century there may well have beenas many as 100,000 domestic elephants in the country. In the north of Thailand alone it was estimated that more than 20,000 elephants were employed in transport, 1,000 of them alone on the road between the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Saen. This was at a time when 90 per cent of Thailand was still forest—a habitat (栖息地) that not only supported the animals but also made them necessary to carry goods and people. Nothing ploughs through dense forest better than a massive but sure-footed elephant.

By 1950 the elephant population had dropped to a still substantial 13,397, but today there are probably nomore than 3,800, with another 1,350 roaming free in the national parks. But now, Thailand’s forest coversonly 20 per cent of the land. This deforestation (采伐森林) is the central point of the elephant’s difficult situation, for it has effectively put the animals out of work. This century, as the road network grew, so the elephant’s role as a beast of burden declined.

Choose correct answers to the question: What can we know about African elephants from the passage?

A.It is easy to tame them.

B.It is hard to tame them.

C.They are living a better life than Asian elephants.

D.Their fate is quite similar to that of Asian elephants.

Thailand was once called “Land of the White Elephant” because_______.A.white elephant is rarely seen and thus very special

B.white elephant was a national symbol until the 1920s

C.white elephant has helped kings to gain the ruling authority

D.this name was so romantic that it was popular among visitors

Why is the Thai elephant “out of work”, according to the author?A.Because the elephants are no longer useful to their owners.

B.Because their owners are westernized and neglect them.

C.Because the government pays little attention to the problem.

D.Because there are too many elephants and too few jobs.

Which of the following statements is true about the elephant population at various times?A.There were 100,000 tamed elephants at the turn of the century.

B.20,000 elephants were employed in transport in Thailand at the turn of the century.

C.By 1950 the elephant population in Thailand has been quite small.

D.Today the elephant population is estimated at 5,150.

The passage is most probably from_______.A.a travel magazine

B.a history book

C.a research report

D.an official announcement




Have you ever heard the saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" (只工作,不玩耍
Have you ever heard the saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" (只工作,不玩耍,聪明孩子也变傻). How do you interpret it and how are you going to act it out? Write a composition titled Let's Learn to Relax. You should write at least 120 words.







There is no denying the fact that ______(社会的进步是建立在和谐基础上的).
There is no denying the fact that ______(社会的进步是建立在和谐基础上的).



The bank is reported in the local newspaper_____________(被抢劫了) in broad daylight yeste
The bank is reported in the local newspaper_____________(被抢劫了) in broad daylight yesterday.



Anderson believes that the real test for success is a ______.
Anderson believes that the real test for success is a ______.



你认为自己具备了什么条件(能力、性格、爱好)可以胜任学生会主席的工作,(2) 如果当选,你将为本

(2) 如果当选,你将为本校同学做些什么。



回答下列各题: A)Are you at a loss for creative book report ideas for your students?If
回答下列各题: A)Are you at a loss for creative book report ideas for your students?If yes.then this article will help you make reading and reviewing books more creative for your class.In an age of PSPs,Xbox,anime and gaming arcades,reading has lost its foothold in the list of hobbies that children tend to cite. Most of the reading that kids do today,comes in the form. of compulsory books that they need to read for school and maybe that is the reason they find reading to be an insurmountable and boring task.If you want to inculcate the love for languages and literary masterpieces in your students and want them to devour books everyone should read,then a good way of going about the same would be to get them to start working on creative book report ideas.While working on creative ideas for book reports,your students will have to understand the book in a way that allows them to come up with new ways to present to the class,the essence of the book. B)As a teachel while egging your students to activate their creative gray cells.you will have to help them out with basic ideas that they can work on.Depending on the age bracket that your students belong to,the creative book report ideas will vary.This is so,not just because of the varying attention spans that children of various age groups posses but also because of the amount of work that kids can put into the report.While a middle school student wiIl be comfortable handling a handy cam,a student from elementary school will be more fascinated if he is working with paints and puppets.So do you want to know how to write a book report creatively?In this article.we will list out for you,a couple of good creative book report ideas for elementary students and for middle school students. C)A book report sandwich is a good creative idea for book reports.As a teacher you can get drawings of a sandwich on sheets of Paper that are of the color of the ingredients of your sandwich,for example,a cream sheet of paper to resemble mayonnaise,red to represent tomato and likewise.Ob. viously,each ingredient should be cut in a way that when assembled together,it looks like a sandwich.Now,give each of your students one of these book sandwiches to create their book report. It can start with the name of the book and the author’s name on the top slice of the sandwich.The second ingredient can have the summary of the book on it.Each subsequent ingredient can have a description of the main characters,the setting of the book,the plot,and then his or her views about the book.Once they are done with their book reports,they can staple the book sandwich together and then,you can create a class bulletin board with all the book report sandwiches on display. D)One of the good techniques to retell a story,it is also one of the favorite creative book report ideas among students.The job that the student will have is to read the book and then pick a few objects at his/her home which will allow him/her to retell the story in a way that makes it interesting for his/ her audience.Every time he/she picks out an object from the bag to report the book he/she has read, there has to be a valid connection between the book and the object,which the student can first ask the audience to guess and then go ahead and explain it.This idea is spin—off on the normal show and tells and allows for an interactive book report session. E)This is one of the creative ideas for book reports in which.as the teacher, you will have to divideyour class into groups and give them one book each.The students can then read the book and get together and write a play and act it out for the class.To give a deeper insight into the book,one of the students can play the role of the author and as a group,the students can try and recreate the thought Drocess of the author.The student playing the role of the author can then interrupt the play at lmportant iunctllres and talk about the reasons for these twists in the play and how he/she came up with these plot lines. F)As a voung adult,your student’s fascination may go beyond the immediate concerns of the book. He/she may want to understand the circumstances in which the book was written,the times then,the events happening in the world and get the author’s perspective about the book.Encourage your students to mink on those lines.Divide the class into pairs and give each pair one book to read.Let them then do the roles of the author and a journalist.You can have an interview session in front of the class.enabling them to dissect the book and get a peek into the author’s world. G)In a technology—obsessed world,it maybe a very tiny minority of your class that does not get excited with the Drospect of shooting a film.One of the best creative book report ideas for middle school, you will need to divide the class into groups and give them at least two months to adapt the book that thev have been assigned,into a film.The movie should have a well—adapted screenplay,and allother prerequisites,like a lighting engineer,sound engineer, costume designer,etc.At the end of the given time,the film can be screened in front of the class and then discussed. H)If you are on the lookout for good individual creative book report ideas,then this one could be for you.Assign every student a book and then ask them to start maintaining a diary,from the author’sDoint of vie w.Ask them to come up with imaginary incidents from the author’s life and use historical events to explain why the author wrote the book in a certain manner.Alternately, you can also ask your students to give a surrogate ending to the story. I)These are just few of the options that you could use to inspire your students to come up with creative book report ideas.As kids we tend to be more imaginative and creative .Encourage your students to mink om of the box and appreciate them for their efforts.This will help you have a class that is not only lively and inquisitive by nature but also a class that will cultivate a love for words. Teachers can create a class bulletin board to display all the book report sandwiches after their students finish their reports.

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